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2013 is a Resolutions Year for the
Iowa Annual Conference

As per changes made last year, and found in the 2012 Conference Journal, all Resolutions are to be submitted by December 1, 2012.  This is a change from previous years.   

Resolutions guidelines can be found in the Journal on pages 245-248. 

Resolutions should be sent to: 

Rev. Lewis Flanigan, P.O. Box 291, Colo, IA  50056; or by email to lsfz@yahoo.com.


United Methodist Church is Global, not “Mainline”

 Ecumenical Renewal Leaders Affirm Faithful Christianity

Irish Methodist theologian William Abraham of United Methodist Perkins School of Theology notes that United Methodist is no longer “mainline.”  United Methodism is now a global church and it is a time for rejoicing.  We should rename who we are.

Click here to read this post by IRD's Mark Tooley


A "Thank You" from Norma Morrison

After 8 years of faithful and passionate ministry to the Iowa Annual Conference, Norma Morrison has retired as Conference Lay Leader.  Norma writes, "In the past 8 years I have traveled over 110,000 miles, over 54,000 by car and almost 56,000 by air. I have attended more meetings and written and received more emails than I care to count but through these contacts I have made life-long friends, not only in Iowa, but all over the world."

Please Click Here to read Norma's farewell statement to all who have benefited from her helpful ministry as Conference Lay Leader.


Recent Reports from General Conference

A report by Tom Lambrecht Click Here

Mark Tooley Comments Click Here


MLRM is for Marriage Protection in Iowa

  Please Sign the Marriage Protection Petition

      CLICK HERE for a printable copy of MLRM's Marriage
       Protection Petition

      After signing the petition, you are encouraged to
      show our petition to other United Methodists and
      invite them to add  their names.


         You Should Know That...                

   In early February 2011, a group of retired United Methodist
    bishops issued “A Statement of Counsel to the Church—2011”
    in which they called upon The United Methodist Church to
    remove statements in ¶ 304.3 of The Book of Discipline that
    declare “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with
    Christian teaching” and instruct that “self-avowed practicing
    homosexuals are not to be certified as candidates, ordained
    as ministers, or appointed to serve in The United Methodist

    To read a response statement by The United Methodist
     Renewal and Reform Coalition
in PDF format, please


Please Check This Out:

  The American Spectator has published an article by Mark
   Tooley on the subject "The Promised Land of Government
   Controlled Health Care."  To read and/or print the article,
   Click Here


Important New Book by UMAction Director,
 Mark Tooley:
Taking Back the United Methodist
  Click Here to read a review and place
an order with
Bristol House, LTD.


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